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Kirkby-in-Cleveland Parish Council - Community Speedwatch

Following speed data logging it has been confirmed by Community Speed Watch that we are eligible for this scheme which requires a team of local residents to volunteer to man the equipment and log the data obtained at pre-agreed times.   Speeding of vehicles through the village has been raised regularly with the Parish Council as a concern of residents and we finally have a chance to address it.   Training in the use of the equipment and recording of the data will be given.   The data is then forwarded to the Police for any further action.

So - we are looking for volunteers.   At least 4 volunteers are needed, and once we have this number we will register for the scheme.   If you would like to help the community in this way or would like further information, please contact Mary Frew, 01642 712264,  


Local Artist volunteers to help Church Magazine

lFollowing the success of last years drawings of plants and flowers for the front cover, Mike Corbyn has very kindly offered to produce a series, featuring aspects of the Parish. February begins with a view up Backers Walk in Broughton. The name is derived from'bakehouse' and 'The Old Bakehouse' is the name of Mr & Mrs Mead's property


DeFrost Your Car Safely

Following the season’s first sharp frosts, North Yorkshire Police would like to warn drivers of the risk of cars being stolen whilst defrosting. Thieves look out for unattended cars being defrosted with the engine left running.
Research has shown that 40% of drivers let their car’s engine clear icy screens before they drive off. But they are at serious risk of losing their car if they pop back indoors and leave the engine running, even for a moment.
Unfortunately, car owners will also get a cold reception from their insurance company as loss by leaving keys in an unattended vehicle is specifically excluded from motor insurance policies.

Don't hand the thieves and early Christmas present!
Tips for defrosting your wind screen safely and effectively:
• While you use a scraper and de-icer on the outside of your car, starting the engine, switching on heated rear screen and mirrors and allowing air-conditioned air to circulate to gently warm the glass is the most effective way to clear frosted glass.
• Stay with the car all the time - if you must go back indoors switch off and lock the car.
• Do not drive off until all of the glass is clear
• Remember not to leave wipers in 'auto' when frost is expected - if wipers are frozen to the glass the wiper motor could be damaged. Don’t try to force frozen wipers off the glass
• Never use just-boiled water to clear glass – it could crack the glass, freezes quickly and could ice your wipers to the glass
• Clear all snow off the car, a soft brush is effective – making sure the front grille is clear (otherwise there is risk of the engine overheating).


Coming Events  (see Church Newsletter for more information)

4th Feb  -@ 3pm  Kildale Quartetplat at SaltburnCommunity Arts

10th Feb @ 7.30 pm  Gt Broughton Village hall Fundraiser starring Cassie and Maggie MacDonald from Nova Scotia -

15th Feb -at 7.30pm Ingleby Greenhow Lecture Society, Keith Burton tals about Stokesley men and Women of the Great War

24th Feb  7.00p, to 9.00pm  Dark Skies Festival  at Chapelgarth Estate

26th Feb at 7.30pm KGBIG Local History Group - Peter Cook talks on Now & Then

3rd March   10am  - 12 noon The Annual Mens Coffee Morning at the Church Hall

17th March at 7.30pm   An Evening with Ben Cipolla


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