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Waste Disposal

                            Refuse Collection Dates and Guidance for the Village

Waste collections

Your box and bins need to be placed at the edge of your property (the curtilage) or at your designated collection point from 7.30am. Your box will be replaced when worn or damaged.  

Please ensure all materials are clean and contain no food traces to avoid contamination of all the recycling. If the crew notice contamination in the bin or box your recycling will not be collected and a tag will be left explaining why. Your bin/box will need to be cleared of the contamination to ensure it is suitable for the next scheduled collection.

Stokesley household waste recycling centre: Opening Times, Permits, Charges, Vehicle restrictions, Items taken etc Click Here



Grass cuttings,  Clippings - including hedge and small branches, Leaves Plants and weeds  

Garden fruit windfalls,  Bark

Small pet bedding

Pot plant compost

Christmas trees (chopped up)

Stones, soil and turf

Fruit and veg peelings

Food waste, Ash

Cat and dog waste

Plant pots, Cardboard and paper

Household rubbish, Plastic bags,

Treated wood

All non-recyclable household waste, use carrier bags, sacks or liners if you prefer.

Anything that should be recycled. Remember recycling Bins on the Industrial Estate and in the Co-op car park

Glass bottles and jars - rinsed, not in plastic bags

Glass roller ball deoderants

Glass ramekins from deserts

Drinking glasses and Pyrex containers

Window and sheet glass



Newspapers and magazines, Greetings cards, Office Paper - white & coloured, Other paper - including clean paper bags Envelopes, telephone directories, Junk mail, catalogues

Brown, grey & corrugated cardboard, card egg boxes, cardboard tubes, food packaging card

Steel & aluminium food & drink cans, bottle tops, lids, biscuit and chocolate tins, Pet food cans, aerosols, foil & aluminium food trays

Plastic bottles, plastic containers, cartons

Shredded paper

Plastic Carrier bags, Takeaway pizza boxes, black plastic trays, soft plastic film such as biscuit wrappers, black sacks, crisp packets and cling film, used kitchen roll / tissues, wallpaper, takeaway drinks cups, domestic and commercial oilcans, metal paint tins, car products, light lubricating oil, or domestic or commercial glue containers, paint aerolsols, polystyrene products, corks from bottles, card & aluminium takeaway lids, small UHT milk plastic cartons,, bubble wrap, food waste, toys, video tapes, CDs , DVDs, platic plant and paint pots, washing up bowls, cutlery and drainer trays, foil laminate pouches, corrugated plastic sheeting, DIY products, domestic insecticide containers, textiles & clothing, Light bulbs + batteries

This information is for guidance only.  Farms and properties outside village limits may be collected on a different day to their postal address. If you are unsure contact Hambleton District Council on 0845 1211 555.  Further waste & Recycling information on the Hambleton District Council Website . Latest information is below. Larger items / Garden  Waste can be disposed of and additional recycling is available on the Industrial Estate

Parish Clerk